The advantages of enamel

Advantages of Enamel - Plancha Eno

When it comes to enamelling, ENO’s in-depth knowledge is unrivalled in France.

Enamel is a glass-based finish that coats the cast iron plate to protect it. It creates a very smooth, non-stick finish that is easy to clean. Enamel has many advantages:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Food safe
  • Non-stick, perfect for oil-free cooking
  • Does not absorb odours
  • Heat-resistant
  • Very easy to clean

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Indestructible coating

Did you know? Your ENO enamelled cast iron plate comes with a lifetime warranty.

Enamelled cast iron is extremely tough and durable. For several years now, ENO planchas have been made with a highly innovative and high-quality industrial process, which allows ENO to offer a lifetime warranty on its planchas’ enamel. Because we care about protecting the environment, planchas can be resurfaced in our workshops. 


Enamel food safety

Food safety is of utmost importance at ENO and we can guarantee it thanks to our century of experience.

ENO’s planchas are certified by an independent laboratory and food safety is guaranteed through the use of a well-proven application process and materials that meet regulatory requirements:

  • A multi-layer enamel application process creates a perfect, non-porous seal around the plancha, protecting it from the casing
  • Use of food-grade enamel (free of lead chromium and Cadmium)

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The advantage of enamel - Plancha Eno


Easy, delicious food

The enamel on ENO gas griddle is non-stick, which makes cooking even easier. Enamel is glass-based, and it does not absorb odours. As such, you can easily cook one type of food after another on the same plate. You can cook anything on the non-stick plancha surface without adding oil, making it healthier than a BBQ.
This preserves the food’s nutritional value and appearance.

The advantage of enamel - Easy, delicious food - Plancha Eno


Fast and easy clean-up

Cleaning the smooth enamel is a breeze on our gas planchas.

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