Plancha cleaner

Natural cleaner for plancha
Weight : 0.77 lbs
Usage : Indoor / Outdoor
Material : Clay
Dimensions (H x W x D) inch : 2.36" x 3.94"
Warranty : 2 years
Natural and ecological clay for plancha - Must be used on a cold plate with water and cleaning pad -Absorbs the drip and give back the luster ans shine of the enamel.
  • New items !

    Make prepping easier with our cutting board and prep tray. Perfect for prepping, chopping and keeping everything within reach.

    The chef’s kit, which includes a spatula and tongs, is the perfect gift for the plancha afficionado in your life.

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  • Care kit

    With the care kit, you’ll have everything you need to keep your plancha looking like new.
    The stainless steel scourer holder will prevent finger burns and since the enamelled cast iron plate is scratch-resistant, you can scrub away!

    Use a damp sponge and some cleaner to wipe down your warm plancha, rinse, then make it shine with a soft microfibre cloth.

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  • The essentials

    ENO offers utensils specially designed to be used with the plancha. Various types of spatulas and tongs can be used for precise cooking. Use the stainless steel cloche to steam food and the resting grill to keep food warm while it rests.
    All accessories are dishwasher safe.

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