What Can You Cook on the ENO Plancha?

Cook with plancha ENO

You can cook anything on the ENO plancha !
Let your imagination run wild and cook delicious meals that will delight your guests. The plancha makes cooking healthy, easy, quick and fun. It’s sure to be a hit !

Cook with plancha

Sweet or savoury, the ENO plancha can do it all and it’s the best way to bring people together.

You can use it to cook full meals, from appetizers to dessert: meat, fish, shellfish, veggies, fruit, eggs, pancakes, pizzas... Including the most delicate foods.



ENO also has a range of handy utensils and accessories to make you feel like a real chef!
 You can use the stainless steel cloche to steam food or keep it warm. You can also put a pot on the plancha to make a sauce or use it as a double boiler.


cuisine à la plancha

Healthy cooking - No need to add fat or oil on the enamelled cast iron ENO plancha. The grease from the food will drain into a removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray.

A healthy, easy and fun way to cook

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