The plancha in detail

Our gas planchas have a distinctive, timeless and modern design.

ENO cast iron plate

  • Thickness : 7 mm / 0.27” (does not warp)
  • High moulded rims : Prevent splatters, easy to clean
  • Double wall (Enosign collection) : even heat distribution
  • Channel to drain the juices : for healthy, practical cooking
  • Smooth multi-layer enamel : non-stick, easy to clean and healthy cooking
  • Certified food safe : consumer safety
  • Lifetime warranty on the plate


ENO casings (vary by model)

  • Heavy-duty material

- Reinforced polyester powder-coated galvanized steel : weather-resistant, UV-resistant, scratch-resistant

- Marine-grade stainless steel : best choice for seaside use

  • Double wall : prevents heat loss, energy efficient, protects the flames from the wind
  • Adjustable legs : adjust the hotplate’s angle based on what you’re cooking
  • Stainless steel drip tray : healthy cooking, dishwasher-safe

details eno plancha



  • High output : heats up quickly to 360°C/800°F, perfect for searing, energy efficient
  • Thermocouple protection : shuts off gas if the flame goes out
  • Precise flame control : precision cooking
  • 10-year warranty


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